Until now this versatile and unusual sauce (mild or hot) has been the best-kept secret in the range. But be aware: It’s addictive once you start splashing it onto and into everything! It teams up perfectly with sea-fresh oysters, swirls seductively into soups, drizzles easily over sandwiches, salads, eggs and adds a gourmet touch to any burger!

The versatility of the mild splash-on sauce provides food-lovers the chance to add hints of tangy flavours to prepared meals. Perfect for having on the table at every meal, this mild splash-on sauce will instantly add a sweet heat to your meal.
A splash-on sauce is always handy because you never know if you need to add more flavour once the meal is cooked- and this is an instant addition of flavourful heat. This hot splash-on sauce is for those who love their hot sauces and want to add more every time.